Training Workshops on Eurocodes for Designers
The USCC together with the Guild of Design Engineers in Construction launch training workshops "Design of bearing building structures according to the European norms" for upgrading skills of the experts in design.

Workshop dates: November 26 - December 1

The training course includes lectures and practical complex calculated tasks of construction engineering design:

  • Changes in legislation and regulatory framework of Ukraine
  • Fundamentals of reliability, loads and actions according to Eurocode 0 and Eurocode 1
  • Bases and foundation according to Eurocode 7
  • Steel structures according to Eurocode 3
  • Light-gauge steel framing according to Eurocode 3
  • Fire proofing according to Eurocode
  • Concrete structures according to Eurocode 2
  • Composite steel and concrete structures according to Eurocode 4
  • Masonry structures according to Eurocode 6
  • Timber structures according to Eurocode 5
  • Joints and connections according to Eurocodes
  • Calucaltion automation according to Eurocodes
  • Energy saving and certification of buildings - the European norms and experience

The participants who have completed a full training course and passed a respective examination will receive an a diploma (certificate) of professional advancement.

The diplomas (certificates) will be considered as documents on professional advancement which the certified performers have to pass every five years.

If you wish to take part in the workshop you need to fill out the form for natural or legal person, download and sent to the e-mail: nmcp-kyiv@ukr.net.

Order form for natural persons
Order form for legal persons and individual entrepreneurs