About the committee

Light Gauge Steel Framing Committee

Strategic objective
To increase the share of LGSS in the construction of low-rise buildings as well as in the segment of reconstruction
Directions of the Committee activity in 2015
  • Development of LGSF model projects (agricultural purposes, industrial, rustic accommodations - cottages, townhouses)
  • Development of standard solutions for the fire protection of LGSF buildings (up to 2nd degree of fire resistance) using plate materials (joint project with the Committee on the Steelwork Fire protection)
  • Preparation of information resources concerning LGSF for the purpose of creating available and easy tools for LGSF designers, the album on assortment of LGSF profiles (Z, C, U L, Ω, Ʃ, etc.) available in the Ukrainian market; the album on typical joints for LGSF and assembly recommendations based on European practice
  • Arrangement of workshop Light gauge steel framing Designing by Eurocode 3
The Head of the Committee
Andrey Ozeychuk

2014 till present - Director, RAUTA GROUP
2011-2014 - Business Director, Ruukki Ukraine
2002-2010 – Sales Director, Ruukki Ukraine

MBA, International Management Institute (Ukraine), Carnegie Mellon University (USA)
Master in Civil Engineering, Kiev National University of Construction and Architecture (Ukraine)