Engineering center


USCC ENGINEERING CENTER is a team of architects, design engineers and experts qualified to make steel construction faster, easier, more efficient and to help anyone who needs technical advice on application of steel in construction industry. We offer clients advisory services, which aim to illustrate the payback period of the projects with the use of metalwork.

There are following main directions of the USCC activity:
  • Formulation of the project concept (not a complete set of metalwork).
  • Providing technical support in the implementation of the real estate project made from metalwork at all stages of the project life cycle.
  • Advisory services for all members of the project implementation chain including material procurement, cost of services, analytics, application of innovative solutions and much more.

Project concept

One of the main challenges in the project design is to find the right balance between such project parameters as deadlines, cost, functionality and specific needs (for example, open planning for the offices projects). The main objective of the USCC Engineering Center is to develop the project concept while taking into account all its features and to optimize material, labor and time expenditures as well as to use the latest innovations in systems and steel elements.

To develop an optimal solution for the project, the team of the USCC Engineering Center together with a client/architect discusses in details architectural concept of the project, determines the pillar grid and structure types, which are the most efficient for the client. Then, determine the actions on the structure, analyze the structure and design individual members and connections, the total weight is defined in tons for the whole structure as well as the amount of elements. The project concept also includes a preliminary assessment of the program for manufacturing and assembly of structures, its impact on the overall construction program and the project cost. If necessary, our experts will provide advices on issues of corrosion protection and engineering solutions aimed at enhancing the fire resistance of structures.

The concept is not a complete set of metalwork drawings, but it permits to estimate deadlines, cost of construction and comparison of steel version of the draft with other alternatives. If the customer has already developed a building project using other materials (reinforced concrete, precast concrete, bricks), the USCC Engineering Center will calculate the project with the use of metalwork solutions for competitive consideration.
Send a request to the USCC Engineering Center on the development of the project concept 

Technical support

The USCC Engineering Center provides free advisory services on technical issues that companies meets during the project implementation. You can ask questions to experts of the USCC Engineering Center at any stage of project implementation and be assured that you will receive the fast and qualified support.

The Engineering Center team