USCC Consulting Center on Fire protection is a team of highly skilled technical experts in the field of fire protection of building structures, which renders free advisory services and all-round support to the construction process participants (investors, developers, architects, design engineers) on issues of the fire resistance rationing and their fire protection.

One may obtain advices per the following issues of fire protection:
  • Optimization of expenses for metalwork fire protection upon existing project of fire protection works.
  • Creation of pre-design solutions on fire protection taking into account the advanced results in the field of effective fire-resistant design.
  • The right choice of fire protection technologies and means.
  • Selection of contractors for performing works and procurement of fire retardant materials.
  • Testing arrangement and execution for building structures with fire-retardant systems.
  • Support in dealing with regulatory authorities.
  • Regulatory and legal base in the field of metalwork fire protection.

One may contact the hotline of the USCC Consulting Center on Fire Protection using the following ways:
  • By phone: +38 (044) 280-18-20.
  • By sending a question to e-mail: info@uscc.ua.
  • By sending a request using the online form.

The team of experts of the Fire protection Hotline

  Konstantin Kalafat
The Head of the USCC on the Steelwork Fire Protection Committee
Director of Donstroytest Regional Center on the Safety Testing for Construction Materials and Structures, the member of the Technical Committee for Standardization TC 315 Systems of Man-Induced and Fire Safety for Buildings and Structures and TC 304 Protection of Buildings and Structures at the Ministry of Regional Development, Construction and Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine. Konstantin is one of the leading Ukrainian experts in arrangement and performing tests for building structures. He is an author of papers on qualitative characteristics, application and testing fire protection products as well as new fire protection products used in Ukraine.