Become a USCC member

Reasons to become participant of USCC

Having joined the USCC, each participant gets all the services provided by the Association and gets access to all current and future projects.

Marketing services

Customers’ contact details
Directory of industry participants
Promotion on export markets

Access to the tender database on the USCC website, as well as to mailouts with potential contacts based on the results of the exhibitions. Over 120 tenders have been published on the USCC website in 2017 alone, and over 300 requests on the results of exhibition activities have been worked out.


Including the company to the Directory of market players aimed at promoting the companies of the steel structures’ market in the target environment of customers. Two issues of the Directory with a total circulation of 3,000 copies have been issued.


Promotion of the company on export markets via participation in exhibitions, personal meetings with potential customers. The explored target markets include Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Poland.


Access to market analytics (the only analytical product in Ukraine on the market of steel structures and cold-formed steel products).

Communication services

Communication with the target audience
National conference
Business contacts

The opportunity to communicate with the target audience via USCC events and specialized exhibitions. More than 20 major events within 4 years.


Participation in the annual National Conference of Steel Construction Market Participants, General Meeting of the Association, committees. Over 300 steel construction market participants visit annually. View the calendar of events.


Expanding the network of business contacts. 47 companies participate in the USCC in 2017, it is more than 140 representatives of the industry.

Technical services

Technical advice   
Dedicated committees
Regulatory framework

The free advice of the USCC Engineering Center at any stage of the project. Over 50 consultations on different design solutions have been provided for USCC participants.


The opportunity to take part in the committees’ projects for the new products development. Two new products have been developed in the fields of fire protection materials and light-gauge steel framing.


Making changes to the regulatory framework. USCC took part in updating of more than 20 DBN / DSTU norms, and in the EN1090 harmonization.

Participants of USCC today

The number of participants of the Association since its foundation date


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Участники УЦСС
AMEX Техника крепления Hempel UkraineHILTI PromTech-InnovationRauta RuukkiSteel Work GroupSTEELCOSuntileTrimbleАвдеевский завод металлических конструкцийАреон ПлюсАРКАДАБФ завод ВИКАНТ ГК ЭЛЕФАНТДонецкий ПромстройНИИпроектЕВРОФОРМАТ СтальконструкцияЖитомирский завод ограждающих конструкцийЗавод решетчатого настилаИнстил Украина Йотунгард Украина Капитель-ДнепрКовлар ГруппМетинвест ХолдингМетком-ИнвестМСБУДНаучно-исследовательское частное предприятие «ВАРТІСТЬ»Образец-2000ОсноваПЕМ Украина (Zeman group) Полтава-проект Прушиньски СМАРТБИЛДИНГГРУППСталексСтройСистемаТермастил-Украина ТЕСКОН ТПКУкраинский институт стальных конструкций имени В.Н. ШимановскогоУкрстальконструкцияЦентр Каркасного СтроительстваЦентр Комплектації ДахуЧервоноградский Завод МеталлоконструкцийЭкорембудЭСАБЮжная Прокатная КомпанияЮТЭМ-ЗМК

Who can become a participant of USCC?

The Ukrainian Steel Construction Center is an open Association of the steel construction market participants. Any legal entities interested in the development of the internal market of steel structures can be the members of USCC.

Four categories of companies can become members of USCC:
Manufacturers of steel structures and companies that manage enterprises producing steel structures.
Manufacturers of shielding structures, light steel structures and facade systems of steel components.
Distributors and producers of rolled steel and companies that manage enterprises of the metallurgical industry.
Project organizations specializing in steel construction and enterprises engaged in installation of steel structures.
The following categories of companies can become associate members of USCC (with no right to vote at the General Meeting of the Association):
Manufacturers of specialized equipment.
Providers of consumables (bolts, welding materials, etc.).
Providers of solutions for steel structures fireproofing, and organizations licensed for the application of fireproofing solutions.
Providers of services and solutions for steel structures corrosion protection.
Providers of automated solutions and software for steel structures design, production and installation (CAD).
Providers of specialized services (consulting, evaluation, engineering).
Architectural bureaus, design studios.

Professors, teachers of the national universities steel structures departments participate in USCC on a free basis.

What is the procedure to become a member?

To apply for a membership in the Association you should fill out an application, sign, seal and send a scan-copy to USCC.

The reputation and reliability of the company are essential for making decisions. A preliminary decision is taken by the Board of Directors, and the membership of a new company in USCC is approved by the General Assembly of the Association.

On a voluntary basis. A legal entity with a representative of the company.  One-time (admission) and annual membership.   Depend on the type of activity of the company and are calculated on the basis of the company products sales volume for the previous period.

Additional documents
Contact details to file an application
Tatiana Kolchanova, Development Director
+38-093-567-28-81, tkolchanova@uscc.ua

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