Managerial bodies

General meeting of the Association (GMA)

It is the supreme management body of the Association, which considers all strategic matters of the Association activity: approval of the USCC strategy, goals; admission of new members, formation of management bodies (Board of Directors), funding procedure; approval of the annual report of the Association. Full members of the Association are entitled to participate in the GMA (to vote on the GMA agenda) as well as associate members (partners without voting rights), third parties and speakers invited by the Executive Director (without voting rights).

General meeting of the Association elects a Board of Directors (8 persons) for a period of 1 year to develop and implement the USCC strategy.

The Board of Directors (BOD)

The Board of Directors of the Association represents the interests of Association members between general meetings and provides strategic guidance of the USCC activity. The Board of Directors has the following organizational authorities: issues concerning the strategy development and amendment; approval of key performance indicators for the USCC management; identifying the main activities for the next fiscal year; reconciliation of the USCC budget; issuing references for candidates to become USCC members. The Board of Directors also reviews the results of the USCC management and plans for the next three months at least once per quarter. The Chairman, which is elected among current BOD members, governs the USCC activity and the agenda of BOD meetings.

The USCC BOD is formed according to the following quota (only the relevant categories of Association members take part in voting):

  • Members from rolled steel manufacturers and distributors.
  • Members from the sectorial design organizations and engineering companies, assembly companies.
  • Members from structural steel constructions manufacturers.
  • Members from manufacturers of fencing and roofing
  • steelwork.
This structure provides the opportunity to represent the interests of all members participating in the value chain in the steel construction industry: rolled steel manufacturing → distribution → designing → metalwork (supporting and fencing) fabrication → assembly.

The members of the Board of Directors carry out executive functions thus promoting engineering solutions based on steel as a preferred material during construction of real estate facilities by creation of effective, innovative steelwork-based solutions for real estate development in Ukraine. They also promote increasing of the USCC awareness and reputation among participants of the steel construction and real estate markets.

Current structure of the Board of Directors