About USCC


Ukrainian Steel Construction Center (USCC) is an association of participants of the steel construction market. This association unites the leading manufacturers and distributors of rolled steel, production facilities for metalwork, roofing and facade systems, sectorial research and design organizations; assembly and construction companies.

USCC is a nonprofit institution incorporating the members of the steelwork supply chain into the form of association. The decision to create the USCC was taken during the First National Conference of Participants of the Steel Construction Market in 2012 in Kyiv. On behalf of the conference participants, the coordination group of companies, 
Avdiyivsky metal construction details plant
Donetsk PromstroyNIIproekt
Master-Profi Plant
PEM Ukraine (Zeman Group)
V. Shimanovsky Ukrainian institute of steel construction
that became the USCC founders had been arranged. Association Ukrainian Steel Construction Center was registered in July 2013.

The mission of the Ukrainian Steel Construction Center is to promote steel constructions as the preferred material for construction by creating effective, innovative solutions for clients.

Goals and objectives

The following objectives were achieved during the implementation of the USCC mission:

  • Increasing the share of steel structures used in the Ukrainian construction market.
  • Increase in competitiveness of USCC members
  • Effort consolidation of market operators in the industry development.
  • Creation of a single national platform for dialogue with public authorities.

The key objective of the USCC functioning is to increase the share of steelwork in construction industry from 25 to 60% in commercial construction as well as to actively promote advanced roof and wall systems as well as structural steel constructions (light-gauge steel constructions) in the residential and commercial sectors. This will create an additional sales market in amount of 1 million tons per year of steelwork by 2022 for the companies involved in this industry.


USCC will focus on the following activities to attain the claimed objective:
  • Elimination of barriers (technical, regulatory, economic) in the usage of steel in construction industry.
  • Implementation of advanced technical standards in construction.
  • Cost reduction across the whole value chain: development of solutions/products → designing → manufacturing → assembly → flame proofing of steel structures.
  • Increasing the competitiveness of the steelwork operator market.
  • Marketing promotion of steel for the target audience.
  • Implementation of global best practices and innovative solutions in the field of steel construction.
The Ukrainian Steel Construction Center strives to become the leading center for technical and marketing competencies in the field of steel construction as well as to be a carrier of innovations through collaboration with leading domestic and foreign companies and centers involved in steel construction.

Steel. The right choice.