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    The annual National Architecture Student Competition STEEL FREEDOM allows students of architecture and construction specialties to embody the most daring ideas using steel structures in projects.

    Feel freedom in architecture!

    The STEEL FREEDOM competition gives students:

    • an opportunity for young architects to show their talent;
    • create a real project;
    • develop projects according to the terms of reference from real customers;
    • the prospect of further employment with leading architects of Ukraine;
    • the opportunity to receive a job offer from prestigious companies in Ukraine and abroad.

    Competition tasks.

    STEEL FREEDOM's terms of reference to include two competitive assignments for the development of a project from different segments of real estate. The student can choose a direction and realize his potential in the category of interest.

    Conditions of the competition.

    STEEL FREEDOM participants: 4th, 5th and 6th year students in the specialties: architecture of buildings and structures, industrial and civil engineering

    The number of participants in a team is from 1 to 5 students

    Teams of students need to develop original conceptual solutions using steel structures in the creation of real estate projects in accordance with the terms of reference.

    Support for higher education institutions.

    This year, the organizer of the competition, the Ukrainian Center for Steel Construction (USСС), signed cooperation agreements with Ukrainian universities. Now university teachers will act as curators of the teams of STEEL FREEDOM participants and conduct consultations at the stage of project development, and the competition project can be counted as coursework, control or reporting work within the educational process.

    Prize fund.

    The total prize money in two categories of competition projects is UAH 150,000 *: 1st place - UAH 30,000, 2nd place - UAH 25,000, 3rd place - UAH 20,000.

    * The amount of bonuses is indicated after taxes (military duty 1.5% and personal income tax 18%), according to the Competition Regulations.

    Also, traditionally, the partners of the Competition prepare valuable prizes for student teams: architectural travel abroad, internship, cash certificates and training certificates and much more.


    USCC has released a complete catalog of projects of the National Architectural Student Competition Steel Freedom for 2014-2020 using metal structures.

    The catalog united the architectural solutions of the competition participants in the following categories:
    - loft
    - shopping and entertainment center
    - business center
    - recreational complex
    - multifunctional complex
    - a complex of public buildings
    - office center
    - affordable housing
    - social office
    - residential complex,
    as well as projects that received prizes in additional nominations from partners of the competition and audience sympathy prizes.



    Every year, students of architecture and construction design creative and innovative objects using steel structures in the commercial and residential real estate segments. The amazing projects of the finalists in the video confirm this.

    Competition resources.

    Website - https://steelfreedom.ua

    Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/steel...

    Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/stee...

    YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/user/s...